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Who to Fire

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An office manager had money problems and had to fire an employee, either Jack or Jill... He thought he'd fire the employee who came late to work. The next morning, both employees came to work very early.

So the manager thought he would fire the first one who took a coffee break. Unfortunately, neither employee took a coffee break.

Then the manager decided to see who took the longest lunch break. Strangely, neither Jack nor Jill took a lunch break that day, they both ate at their desk.

Then the manager thought he'd wait to see who would leave work the earliest, but both employees stayed after closing.

Jill finally went to the coat rack and the manager went up to her and said, "Jill, I have a terrible problem. I don't know whether to lay you or Jack off." Jill said, "Well, you'd better jack off, because I'm late for my bus."


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submitted: 1+ years ago

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categories: sex, sexuality word fun (puns, riddles) work, school





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by j d. 1+ years ago

Lame; very lame. sounds like the old joke, "who's going to help jack off the horse."

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by Taylor L. 1+ years ago

Lol, nice pun.

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C1LJG_Who to Fire

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