Coffee in Hell

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An office supervisor died and found himself in hell (big surprise). The devil informs him that he will spend eternity in one of three rooms, each of which he may preview and then choose his favorite.

Satan opens a door and the dead supervisor sees a vast plain of concrete covered in glass shards, with untold millions of souls moaning in agony as they stand on thier heads. With a gulp he asks to see the next choice.

The second door opens to reveal another vast horizon of torn-up wood filled with nails and screws, and millions of souls condemned to stand on thier heads, so he asks to see the third room.

Much to his surprise, the room is filled with millions of people standing waist deep in shit, but smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee. "This is not too bad," says the man, "even standing in shit I can stand an eternity smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee." So he nonchalantly enters and takes his place among the damned.

Suddenly, halfway through his first smoke, Satan enters and yells: "Alright, you maggots! Coffee break's over--back on your heads!"


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