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Sex with teacher

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This 13 yr old boy came home from school and told his mother that he had a terrible day. His mother asked why? He said because he had gotten in trouble, and his mother asked for what? "For sleeping with my teacher," the boy announced. So she says, "MY GOD, I can't believe you! Get to you room. I'll have your father punish you when he gets home." So he went to his room and sat and waited for his father.

Finally his father came home and the boy's mother says go upstairs and punish that boy and the father asked, "Why? What did he do?" She said, "You go up and ask him yourself." So the father goes up and asked the boy what he had done and the boy said, "Dad I had sex with my teacher." Suprised the father yells out, "Wooooo hoooo! That's my boy! I'm so proud of you! You see women like your mother don't understand things like this. But I'm your father and I do because we are both males. I'm so proud of you. Saturday we will go and get you a brand new bike."

Saturday rolls around and they go to Toys'R'Us the father told him to pick out a bike he liked. The boy picked out a very nice Mongoose with red paint and chrome wheels. They took the bike outside and the father said, "Hey it's a nice day and it's not that far from home. Why don't you just ride your bike home?" The boy replied, "Naaaaaa, my ass still hurts."


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