Pilot in Hell

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A pilot crashes during a flight and goes to hell. There Satan appears in front of three doors and says, "You can choose between any of these doors as your eternal fate. I'll be back once you've decided." He goes away in a puff of smoke.

In the first door, the pilot sees a man having to do tons of pre-flight checks for all eternity. He shudders and looks through the second door, which depicts a pilot out of fuel and going down, but just microseconds before he hits the ground, he has to relive the scene over and over again. He shudders and looks through Door #3, and he likes what he sees. It's a pilot leaning back in a reclining seat being fed grapes and figs and what not and being slowly massaged by stewardesses in skimpy lingerie.

Satan comes back and says, "Well, which one will it be?" The pilot enthusiastically repeats, "Door #3! Door #3!!!" Satan says, "You can't choose that one. That's flight attendant hell."


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