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Cheap wine

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A gay man on his way home from a party comes across a passed out drunk in the park. He looks and sees nobody is around and figures what the hell. He pulls down the drunks pants and screws him in the ass. When he is finished he feels bad and sticks a dollar in the drunks pocket and leaves.

The next day the drunk wakes up, can't figure why his pants are down,but finds a dollar in his pocket and goes to buy a bottle of wine.

The next night the gay man comes back with a couple of his friends and again they find the same drunk passed out cold. They all screw the drunk and take up a collection and put twenty dollars in his pocket.

The next day the drunk wakes up ,can't figure out his pants are down, but finds twenty dollars in his pocket. The drunk then goes into the liquor store and says, "Give me the best bottle of wine that $20 can buy." The man at the counter says, "Why such an expensive wine you always get the $1 bottle?"

The drunk replies, "I know but that cheap wine has been tearing up my asshole lately."


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C124K_Cheap wine

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