Big chief no fart

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In an ancient Indian village lived a mighty old chief. He was a gigantic man, known everywhere for his lack of the ability to fart. One day this chief rounded up all of his advisors to discuss the matter. At the meeting, one of the elder advisors said he had heard of a great medicine man who lived many moons away. And so the cheif called in his closest friend to send him on a journey to talk with this medicine man. His friend agreed and was off immediately. He reached the hut of the medicine man many days later.

He walked up and said, "Big chief, no fart."

The medicine man looked up and said, "Mak'em eat beans for one week and come back to see me."

And so the man took the advice back to the chief who, in turn, followed it. But still nothing. The man returned to the medicine man, and said: "Big chief, no fart."

And so the medicine man said, "Make'em eat beans for one month, then return."

So the friend of the chief returned, and the advice was taken. Still no fart. So the friend went back to the medicine man after a month and reported the same thing.

"Big chief, no fart," he said.

"Mak'em eat only beans for one year."

And so the advice was taken back to the big chief.

A year later, the medicine man was waiting for the man to return. On a sunny day he did, looking sad and disheveled.

"Son, did my advice work?" asked the medicine man.

The man nodded his head yes.

"So, what happened?"

The medicine man looked up at the chief's friend, who responded: "Big fart, no chief."


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