Odd S.

There was this one time, there were 3 guys working constructing a building. there was this American which was incharge of the consruction, a puerto rican and a chiness, the Amercian is preparing to go to lunch and he tells the puertorican guy to make sure that when he comes back he wants to see some progress , then he tells the chiness guy to go to the back room and pull out the SUPLLIES out of the box , well the man leaves and come back and he finds the puertorican guy sitting down, doing nothing, so he ask "why haven't you done nothing" "the chiness guy hasn't come out with the supplies you aske for" then the American goes to the back room and opens the supplies box and the chiness guy jumps out and says: "SURPLIES"

funniness: 3.64

rating: PG