Stanley T.

At a resort club in France, a romantic Frenchman spots an American lady tourist entering the dining section. He swiftly rushes to her assistance, with his usual charm and his obviously attractive dialect, "Bonjour, madamoiselle." "Bonjour!" She answers back, "Can you........?" and before she could finish her sentence, the Frenchman interrupts to say, "Anysing, yes I can, for you. Ma cherrie." He takes her hand, kisses her palm, licks her fingers romantically and then continues saying, "Just as beautiful and sweet as you are, your fingers are. What is this tasty lotion you use, ma cherrie? And if I may ask, what is this you wanted to be assisted in?" The lady (at that time very impressed) answered, "I've just been changing my baby's diaper's, he has been suffering from serious diarrhea. So, I just wanted to know where I could wash my hands."

funniness: 7.27

rating: PG