Joshua D.

This guy walks into a sex product shop one day to buy a blow up doll. He purchases this doll and quickly takes it home to put it to use. As he starts to blow up this doll he starts to get horny and his penis starts to errect. But suddenly he notices that after blowing up the doll he sees that the doll too has a penis. So now this guy gets really pissed off. He puts his clothes back on, stuffs the doll back into the bag and goes back to the sex shop of where he bought the doll. He approaches the shop assistant and gives him back the doll and yells, "This doll has a penis. You are an assehole! I want my money back!" The shop assistant examined the doll, handed the doll back to the customer and said, "You dickhead you blew the doll up inside out."

funniness: 7.02

rating: R