Jay C.

One day a man was dumped by his girlfriend and goes to a bar. He sits down and orders a beer. He turns to his left and sees a gay guy smiling at him. The gay guy asks him if he would play "Bar Football" with him. The man was very drunk and says, "What the hell, how do you play?" The gay guy says, "What you do is take a beer and chug it down without stopping, that's 6 points. Then for the extra point you must pull your pants down and lay a big fart." The gay guy takes his beer and chugs it down, pulls down his pants and lays a high pitched fart. The gay guy says, "Your turn!" The man takes his beer and chugs it down. The gay guy says "6 points!" As the man pulls his pants down the gay guy whips his penis out and sticks it up the man's ass and starts screaming, "Block that kick, block that kick!!!"

funniness: 6.28

rating: R