Stanley T.

A man takes his fat girlfriend into a motel for a sexual evening. The lady who naturally is ashamed of her fatness, insists on the light being off before she could undress. In the dark she undresses and before long, the anxious man jumps to her, spreads her thighs wide and starts pumping into her. Due to his rush, his penis misses location and enters into her navel. The man not aware of this continues on pumping excitedly. This irks the lady, who roars out, "What's wrong with you, fool? That's my navel your fucking," then she guides his member into the correct location. The man starts pumping again, but stops after fifteen seconds to ask, "Honey, am I in the right place now?" The lady more angered now than before answers back, "Yes, damn it! Yes you are. Can you please stop asking stupid questions and continue?" The man satisfied with the answer continues for a moment then stops again to say, "Please Honey, do me a favor and return my dick back to your navel, dear."

funniness: 6.37

rating: R