Stanley T.

In a very crowded bus, one busy Monday morning, a passenger unable to resist an urge releases it silently, but the smell gets so bad that the people in the bus had to get out. The passengers, who were very annoyed asked the driver to send off the person responsible for the stinking act, but they were unable to point out who it was since everybody was accusing somebody. The accusations became very unorganised and the commotion attracted a big group of on-lookers. A doctor concerned with the development decided to solve the problem before it became violent. The doctor's remedy was that everybody would go into the bus and then each of them would be asked to force out some gas, of which everybody would get the chance of smelling out the gases. So, everybody went with the doctor's plan but after the whole process none of the smells matched the one that had so much offended them. So the doctor thought of another effective method of detecting the culprit. This time round, everybody was to get off the bus, take off their trousers, bend over and get their asses examined by the doctor. After examining everyone in the bus, the doctor still was unable to get the person, so everybody got back into the bus and they continued on with their journey. As the bus left, the doctor went to one of the on-lookers smiling and collected from him a dollar bill. A person who was standing next to the on-looker asked the doctor, "And what was all that about, doctor?" The doctor answered, "I'd betted with him that I could make all the passengers in the bus show the whole of this crowd their butts"

funniness: 5.20

rating: PG