Stanley T.

After the accident that occurred at West Street, a local chief rushed into the casualty wing of the hospital. His most trusted driver and his daughter had fallen victims. At the time of his arrival he was very worried because he had not known how seriously injured they both were. The accident had involved their car being hit by the side of the road by a lorry (driven by a drunkard). Meeting a nurse at the entrance, the chief requested her to show him where the two had been admitted. The nurse directed him towards the male wing of the hospital where his driver was. As the chief entered the room he came across the doctor-in-charge. The doctor after being asked by the chief about the condition of the driver comforted the old man (the chief) and informed him that the only serious injury the driver had received was he had lost his penis (of which they were unable to recover it at the site of the accident). The old man looked sad on receiving the news and was left in the room by the doctor. Afterwards the old man rushed into the place where his daughter was and again met the doctor-in-charge. He asked to know of the condition of his daughter and the doctor explained to him that she was not hurt at all, that in fact, he had two good-news for him. After being informed the news is when the old man pounced on the doctor and struck him with his walking stick. The following is that part of the discussion that led to the violent attack on the doctor: THE CHIEF: How is my daughter, doctor? DOCTOR: I've got two good-news for you, sir. THE CHIEF: Which are? DOCTOR: Your daughter received no injury at all, sir. (At this point the chief was jumping in joy, hugging the doctor then he stopped to ask.) THE CHIEF: I thought you said two good-news, doctor, but that's only one. What's the other? DOCTOR: Oh, yes! How could I forget we found your driver's penis and we are happy to tell you that he shall be taken to surgery to get it re-attached. THE CHIEF (Happily): Sure! Where was it? THE DOCTOR: In your daughter's vagina, sir.

funniness: 7.22

rating: R