Stanley T.

Young Tommy had always wanted to taste the flesh of Amy. He had always dreamed of penetrating his dick into the fresh kitty-cat that he imagined Amy had. His friends knew of his urge, so they plotted out a plan for him. Joe, one of Tommy's closest friend (and ideally the richest) came up with a brilliant plan that made arrangements to have all the families in the neighbourhood meet and spend a night at their hotel during Christmas; Gladly, all the families accepted to come. The boys planned that Tommy would sneak into the room Amy was to be, and lay her. The important thing was that everybody was to be made very drunk, so a lot of beer and alcoholic drinks were to be availed. They believed that at such a drunken state Tommy would screw Amy without her noticing a thing of what happened when she got up the next day. So, on the night of Christmas, all went as planned. Everybody drank, everyone got drunk and then one by one left for their rooms, until there was only Tommy in the room. The time had come for Tommy to perform it. So, he quickly rushed up the stairs, looked around to check whether anybody was around, opened the door, sneaked into the room and in no time he was under the blanket; by the side of Amy. This was the opportunity he had always dreamed of, so without wasting anymore time, Tommy slid under the sheets towards Amy's pussy, pulled her pants down and licked her pussy vigorously. She enjoyed every moment that she even led Tommy into dipping his joystick into the very flesh he had always dreamed of. It was as tight and as sweet as he had always imagined. He left the room afterwards, happy and rushing to meet the others to tell them about his success. He rushed down the stairs, into the ballroom and thought of passing through the kitchen to have a glass of water. As he entered the kitchen, Tommy saw what he couldn't believe; Amy was in the kitchen with a glass of milk in her hand. He quickly asked anxiously, "Amy! I thought you're already asleep?" Amy smiled back and answered, "Not yet Tommy, I had to get my grandma Stella a glass of milk first. She'll be sleeping in my room tonight."

funniness: 7.30

rating: R