Stanley T.

The kingdom of Japuoyo, many years ago; was ruled by King Abwajo. He was a very good king and his subjects truly loved him. He was a great leader and had achieved a lot, but his greatest problem was his son, the crown prince. The prince was the ugliest person in the whole kingdom, if not the world. He was so ugly, that the King couldn't look at his face for a second time ever since he had been born. Though all his subjects knew that he was ugly, they were forced to pretend that he was more handsome than the finest young men they had. The young girls in the kingdom were forced to rush to him anytime he appeared, just to make the King happy. Thinking of his son's ugliness made the King gloomy, therefore, it was forbidden to mention or comment over the prince's ugliness. On the day of the harvest festival, the royal wine-tester fell ill and this meant that, they would be bound to hire another experienced wine-tester from one of the neighbouring kingdoms. Luckily enough for them, they didn't need to go far, since the most famous travelling wine-tester had been sighted near and was quickly consulted. This man had mastered the art of testing wine and was very much known all over. It had been said that he had tested wine in more than a thousand kingdoms and that he very well knew what was good or what was bad. So on his arrival, the King's advisors welcomed him and did what they knew was a very important thing, that is, preparing and cautioning the famous man not to mention a thing or comment on the prince's deficiency. The famous tester agreed, though he had no idea how the prince would look like. The King's advisors then guided the tester into the palace for him to perform his task. It was the tradition of the kingdom that wine-testing should be done in front of the King and his family. So, the tester, in the presence of the King, dipped his horn into the pot of wine and collected a horn-full. In one gulp, he swallowed the whole horn-full. Then he lifted his head up, shook his head side to side, belched, and then stared at the throne. The whole place was silent. The silence went on for almost five minutes, when the King asked "So, how do you find it? Do you like it?" The tester nodded his head in acceptance and answered in a very excited tone, "Gosh! My Lord, yes! Very good! So good that it's making me see a gorilla sitting next to you."

funniness: 5.17

rating: G