Stanley T.

On the day of baby Joe's birth, a lot of excitement was unavoidable. The news of the happennings in the maternity's delivery room reached every ear like the spread of burning bushes. According to sources from the hospital, it was said that at the time of his birth, Joe astounded everyone in the delivery room. When he came out and the first thing he did, was he quickly twisted his neck forward and vigorously licked his mother's clitoris. After that act is when he started to cry. On receiving the news, the members and friends of his family had the following to say: Joe's older brothers' said "Wow!" and then they laughed. Joe's sister, (who was very embarassed) said "How disgusting! That's a lie." Joe's father,(who was drunk at the time, celebrating his son's birth) said, "At least the boy won't be gay." And Joe's sister's friends, his grandmother, his Aunts and the young nanny all had the same comment, they each said, "That reminds me of his Father."

funniness: 6.43

rating: R