Alket M.

There was this lucky farmer married to a beautiful woman. And they had kids, a farm, and lots of cows. After some years the number of cows became so big that they couldn't milk them by hand so they bought an electrical milking machine that fills a bucket with milk in five minutes... Sometime later his wife takes the kids and goes to visit her parents. The poor man is so horney he can't wait for his wife so he starts jerking off every night. One night he thinks to use the milking machine instead of his hand. So without thinking anymore he puts his dick inside the machine and turns it on. Oh god... what a machine. When he is done, all happy, he tries to take his dick out but it was stuck inside the machine. He tries and tries but can't take it out. Suddenly he gets an idea; why not call the vendor of the machine. So he carries the machine on his back and goes to the phone.... Farmer: Excuse me sir for calling you up at this late time but I have a big problem. I'm so ashamed of myself but I did it. Vendor: Did what?! Farmer: Since my wife has been to her parents for more than a week I, I put my dick in the milking machine, but now I can't take my dick out. Its stuck. Vendor: Oh, boy. I'm sorry but you can't get it out unless the bucket is full.

funniness: 7.42

rating: PG