Aaron L.

This guy is really horny. The only problem is that he only has 5 dollars. He goes to the local whore house and asks what he can get for 5 dollars. The mistress says that he can get a singing blow job. The guy gets excited and pays up. He goes into a room with a naked woman on the bed. She tells him to get undressed and hop in. She turns off the light and starts giving the blow job. All of a sudden, she starts singing: "Tell me what you want, what you really really want..." The guy is amazed. He reaches over for the light to see how she is doing this but he climaxes at this point and forgets. The next day, he gets more money and goes in for the same thing. The same ritual happens and as she is giving the blow job, she starts singing: "Mmm-bop...." The guy reaches for the light but he climaxes and forgets again. The next day, he keeps making a mental note to turn on the light. He remembers this time. As she is singing and sucking, he turns on the light. To his horror, there is a glass eye on the table.

funniness: 6.36

rating: R