Shea L.

An explorer was flying over Africa and his plane crashed. Luckily a witch doctor came and found him and brought him back to his village. When the explorer became conscious again the witch docter told the explorer, "I have some good news and some bad news." So the explorer says, "Well, whats the bad news?" "The bad news is that in the plane crash you lost your eye, your arm, and your dingy." The explorer asks, "Whats the good news?" "I am a animal transplanter and when you were unconscious I trasplanted animal parts to you." The explorer asks, "Is there any way I can thank you???" "Just check in with me in 2 weeks." When the explorer goes back to see the witch docter he says, "I love this eye I can see a sparrow scratching his ass 40 yards away!! what is it???" "That eye would be an eagle eye." "Oh I love it. And this arm I can lift a car with this arm!!! What is it???" "That's a gorilla arm." "I like this one too. There is only one thing wrong about the dingy you gave me." "Well what seems to be the problem?" "You see, I love it, the ladies love it, but it keeps shoving grass up my ass?? What is it???" "That would be an elephant trunk."

funniness: 6.50

rating: R