David S.

This man is at a bar trying to pick up women, but he isn't having any luck. So he's looking around, checking out what's going on, and he sees a guy walk up to a woman and whisper something to her. She turns around, they talk a little bit, and then they leave together. A little while later, the guy comes back and does the same thing with another lady, with the same results. After he has done this about 2 or 3 times, the first man is dying to know his secret. So he goes up to the man and asks him how he does it. The guy says, "First I go up to them and whisper, 'Tickle your ass with a feather?' At that they turn around and ask me what I said, and I say, 'Mighty nice weather.' After that, the conversation just flows and one thing leads to another and so on." So our hero decides that that is a little too bold for him and he goes back to the bar and drinks a few more beers, all the while watching this guy getting all the women. So after a few more beers, he's about desperate enough, and drunk enough, to try anything. So he walks up to this attractive lady and says, "Want ta screw?" She looks at him and says, "What did you just say?" Our hero, recovering like a champ says, "You think it'll rain?"

funniness: 5.07

rating: PG