Judy T.

A Mexican man becomes in instant millionare after winning a lottery. With his newfound wealth, he decides on exactly what he will buy. He buys a 20 acre plot of land in Mexico and hires an architect. "I wan mi casa to be built right there, with big columns in front, and a marble foyer, and at the end of the hall I wan a halo statue." The architect, excited about making mega bucks off this man, jots down exactly what the Mexican wants. "I'll do it sir, I'll make this a fine house for you!" All of the plans are made and the architect starts construction. He searches 6 different countries to find exquisite columns for the front of the house and has marble shipped in from France to line the foyer. The only problem he has is that he cannot locate a halo statue. Knowing that religious symbols are important to many Mexicans, he continues to search high and low for month after month after month. The house is finally complete, but alas, the architect was never able to locate a halo statue. Swallowing his pride for not being able to complete the order, he takes the Mexican to see his new home. "Si Senore!" exclaims the Mexican. "You got da columns in front of mi casa!" The architect smiles. They enter the house and the Mexican notices the marble floor. "Wonderful! I love mi new marble floor senore!" States the Mexican as he wanders down the hall. He reaches the end of the hall and looks puzzled. "Senore? Where is my halo statue?" Asks the Mexican. "Well sir, I'm afraid to have to tell you this, but I searched high and low and just could not for the life of me figure out what a halo statue is, much less find one for you anywhere." Says the architect, hanging his head in shame. "What? You don know what a halo statue is?" "No sir, I'm sorry, I do not know." Replies the architect. "You know," says the Mexican, "is that thing that goes 'ringy dingy' an you pick it up an say 'halo? statue?'"

funniness: 6.40

rating: G