Judy T.

A man becomes shipwrecked on an island where he is greeted by a native Chief and his tribe. Immediately, he notices there are no women on the island. After being fed and clothed, the man sits and talks with the Chief. "Chief, I notice there are no women here...what do you do for sexual pleasure if there are no women?" "Well," replies the Chief, "once a month we go to the next island and fuck the monkeys there." "What!" Exclaims the man, "no way am I EVER going to do THAT!" Finally the monthly date arrives and all the natives load up in canoes and paddle over to the island of monkeys. The man stays behind, watching in amazement as the entire tribe rushes to obtain sexual pleasure. The next week, the man begins to think..."I sure am getting horny, but no way will I lower myself to fucking monkeys!" Three weeks later, the date once again rolls around and the entire tribe loads up to paddle to the monkey island. Again, the man stays behind, shaking his head in disbelief. This goes on for several months, and when the date rolls around again, the man is extremely desperate. His balls are almost blue from lack of sex. That morning, the Chief blows a horn and the tribe begins to load up in the canoes. The man decides to give it a try, runs to the canoes and hops in. Half-way across the water, he cannot wait, so he jumps out of the canoe and swims faster than the boats, reaching the island first. He grabs the first monkey he sees and fucks his brains out, cumming like he's never cum before. As soon as he's finished, he turns towards the shore, only to find the entire tribe standing there laughing hysterically at him. "What's so damn funny?" Asks the man. The Chief replies to his question, "Heh, you had to pick the ugliest one!"

funniness: 6.40

rating: R