Judy T.

A businessman visiting a small Midwestern town looks for entertainment one night. He happens along a whore house, but he wonders just what he can afford. Checking his wallet, he sees he only has $10, so he checks at the front desk to see what he can get for that small amount of money. "Well sir," replies the clerk, "all I can set you up with for $10 is sex with Sandpaper Sally." "Hmmm, that sounds interesting." Replies the man. "Why do they call her Sandpaper Sally?" "Sorry sir, I'm not really quite sure myself, but I'm afraid that she's the only one you'll get for ten bucks. There's not another whore house around here for 230 miles", claims the clerk. The man ponders this, and decides that he'd rather have a woman than to spend the evening with his dick in his own hand. "Ok, I'll take her." After paying the fee, he is directed to a room down the hall. He knocks on the door, when a sweet voice tells him to come in. Upon entering the room, he first notices that the room is completely dark, the only light beaming in from the hallway outside. "I'm already naked and waiting for your hot dick you stud!" Exclaims the woman. So with that, the businessman undresses and climbs right on top of her. He puts in his dick and immediately feels pain upon entry. "Owwwww!!! Damn that hurts!" Despite the pain he is feeling, he continues to fuck her. "YEEE OWWWW! I almost can't stand this!" "Oh, I'm sorry sir...excuse me one moment." Declares Sally. She then gets up and excuses herself to the restroom. Upon her return, the man re-inserts his dick and to his amazement, it feels nice and smooth, just the way he likes it. He finished fucking her then rolls over onto the bed. "Man, that was good baby! Say, what did you do in the bathroom that made it so nice?" Questioned the man. "Oh, I just removed the scabs."

funniness: 6.42

rating: R