Misty J.

It was little Johnny's birthday and he recieved a bright red train set. His mother was in the kitchen preparing the snacks for the party as she proudly listened to her son playing wiht his new toy. "Choo choo, we are now stopping at station number one!" Yelled little Johnny, "All you passengers that wanna get off the train get the fuck off now! And if ya wanna board, hurry the fuck up!" "Well I never!!" Johnny's mother said to herself, that couldn't have been my son? The radio? She ponders...... And goes back to what she was doing... "Choo choo, we are now pulling into station number two," Johnny shouts. "If you bloody passengers wanna get off my train hurry your ass, if you wanna get on, fucking well move it!!" He giggles... "Right, that's it Johnny, I have had enough of your language!" Screams Johnny's mother. "Get to your room and have a think about that language. It was inappropriate and I don't want to hear you talk like that again. Stay in your room for one hour!" So, off little Johnny goes to think for one hour. Feeling sorry for himself, he comes out of his room one hour later, with his head down and says sorry for his language. "That's okay, you can play now Johnny. Sorry to do that on your birthday but you have to learn!" "Choo Choo, we are now pulling into Station number one!" Johnny shouts, "If all the passengers are ready to board, they may do so now, and all those alighting I hope you have had a safe trip. If you are wondering why the train is one hour late, blame the slut in the kitchen!"

funniness: 7.38

rating: R