Keith M.

Paddy Englishman, Paddy Scotsman and Paddy Irishman go to see a hypnotist. All three are hypnotized and come the end of the show, the hypnotist tells them that when they go home to their wives the first thing they tell them to do they will do without any arguments. On the way home they decide to stop off at the pub first. They have a few rounds of beers and then head off home. Paddy Englishman gets home and as soon as he opens the door he starts falling all over the place knocking everything over. The wife says to him, "That's right, wreck the place." So Paddy smashes everything in the house. Paddy Scotsman gets home and gets straight into bed and decides to have a smoke before nodding off and falls asleep before finishing it. The wife who was already in bed says, "That's right Paddy, burn the place down." So he gets up a sets fire to every room in the house. Outside the house. The 2 Paddies run over to the cops car, to Paddy Irishman and asks him what happened. He replies, "I went home and felt a little horny. So I got into bed and her pussy. Then she told me to cut it out."

funniness: 7.08

rating: R