John W.

A sailor got off on leave from touring for 3 years, in which he hadn't gotten laid. Having gambled off most of his money he goes to a whore house with only 5 dollars. He begs the head mistress to let him have a girl for 5 bucks. The head mistress had pity and told him the last room on the left. He runs in to the room, and strips. The lights are off and it's a little cold but it didn't bother him, he needed to get laid. He finds the girl spreed eagle on the bed, he starts pumping her, she dosen't do nothing, he keeps pumping her, unloads load after load in her, till he feels something blocking his cock, he pulls out and flicks on the light, and sees that there's white stuff coming out of her ears, eyes, mouth and cunt. He freaks and runs naked to the head mistress and screams "Shes got white shit coming out of every hole on her body!!" The head mistress turns around and screams "Hey Louie, the dead one in number 34 in full again!"

funniness: 6.42

rating: R