Keith M.

One fine day, a man was trying to move his bull from his field to his farm. No matter what he did the bull just would not budge. He tried draggind him, pushing him, tieing him to the tractor, everything but it wouldn't budge. Then a woman in a very sporty posh car came along and stopped to ask if she could help. The farmer replied "I don't mean to be rude but you're a posh looking lady and I'm a farmer and I'm sure I know better." She asked for one chance. He decided to let her have a chance, so she walked over to the bull and pulled up her sleeve, bent over and tickeled his balls and the bull flew off up the field. As she watched the bull run up the field, she turned around to see the farmer standing there wish his pants around his ankles. "What are you doing?" She screamed. "I've to bloody catch him now!" Replied the farmer.

funniness: 5.46

rating: R