Jessica H.

There was this flea, right, who walked into a pub, jumped onto the bar, and demands a beer. The bartender looks a bit shocked, but his face soon breaks into a grin. "C'mon," he laughs "You can't drink a whole glass of beer! Your're a flea, for goodness sake!" But the flea assured the bartender that he could manage the beer, and still smiling, the bartender relented, and gave the flea a glass of beer. The flea jumps up onto the rim of the glass and drains the beer in a gulp, and almost instantly asks for another. The bartender is impressed at the flea's beer-swigging abilities, and gives the flea another. The flea drains that glass, and remarks to the bartender, "This is such good beer that I will purchase a case." The bartender looks incredulous, and breaks into laughter again. "You may have been able to drink a few beers," he scoffs, "But carrying a case? You must be joking!" But the flea assures him he will be able to handle it. The bartender places a case of beer on the bar, and the flea easily picks it up, and slaps some money on the counter. He then bounds nimbly off, and jumps straight out an open window. CRASH! There is this sound of glass breaking, and the glugging of beer onto the footpath. "Whats wrong?" calls the bartender. The fleas indignant voice pipes up, "Someone's stolen my dog! I left him right here under this window!"

funniness: 4.73

rating: G