Cesar R.

Three guys were chilling on a beach, when one of them found a dirty bottle in the sand. He picked it up, rubbed the dirt off, and a genie came out. He said, "Alas, I am free from my eternal prison inside that dreaded bottle! I promised myself I would grant 3 wishes to whoever freed me. Since there are 3 of you, I will grant you each any one wish." They thought about it, and the first one stepped up to tell the genie what he wanted. He said, "My wife says I don't hit her G-Spot enough, so I wish I had a pointy dick." The genie replied, "Your wish is my command." He bobbed his head, and the 1st guy walked away smiling. The second one said, "My wife says that I don't stay hard long enough, so I wish I had a wooden dick, so I can be permanantly hard." The genie bobbed his head, and the 2nd guy walked away happily. The last one said, "I wish I had a dick that I can extend however long I want. I want it to be so I can make it stretch." The genie bobbed his head, and the last one walked away smiling. However, the next day, they managed to find the genie again, and complained to him the results of their wishes. The 1st guy said, "You made my dick too pointy, and now my wife was stabbed to death!" The 2nd complained, "I gave my wife splinters with the rough wooden dick you gave me!" The last one was actually bragging. He said, "Hey guys! You see that girl across the lake? Ungh!" :DDDD

funniness: 6.55

rating: R