Roastedzergling D.

One day, a man is taking a walk with his son on a hot day. A hott babe wearing a bikini walks past them, then the man turns around and says, under his breath: "What an ASS!" His son, an annoyingly curious 6-year-old, immediately says: "Daddy, did you say ass?" The father then tries to change the word: "No, son, i said, umm, GRASShopper. yeah, thats right! I said 'what a GRASShopper'", then lets out a sigh of relief when he realizes that the kid bought it. He then asks: "Daddy, when grasshoppers have babies, they have little grasshoppers, right?" "Right," the father replies chuckling a little. Then he asks: "Daddy, do those little grasshoppers have itty bitty grasshoppers?" "Yep", replies the father, a little annoyed. The kid then asks: "Daddy, do those itty bitty grasshoppers have itty bitty BITTY grasshoppers?" "Yes, son", replies the father, really annoyed at this point. Once more, the kid asks: "Daddy, do those itty bitty bitty grasshoppers have itty bitty bitty bitty- "Son, the word I said was ASS, OK? ASS!!"

rating: PG-13