Zuzu K.

So you think that your life sucks?That it's the most boring piece of vile shit that has ever existed?I scoff at you. Let me tell you about a day in my life Every day i wake up, and i tell my self "I'm ready". I wake up and i always fool myself with false hopes. i get ready and i leave the house at the most ungodly hours of the morning, to get to work early, where i kiss my boss's ass in the hopes of getting a promotion. Every fucking morning i say hello cheerfully to my 2 neighbors , so that they think I'm all sunshine and happiness. God they are the biggest idiots on the surface of the planet. You know those people who think that they are artsy and cool, so they look down on other people all the time?That's one of my neighbors. The other one is - and i shit you not - the hugest dumbass that has ever existed. The guy practically lives under a rock. As i head to work - walking, I may add, I never got a license because my stupid teacher won't let me pass my test - i say hello to this really hot chick that i know I'll never have the smallest chance i my life of fucking. But Damn, she's hot. She's got this tight little ass that turns me on like nobody's business (She's a martial artist, and i ask her for lessons in the hopes of getting some) , a cute little southern accent that makes me want to fuck her brains out. Anyway i get to work which is a fucking crusty-ass little fast-food place, where I'm the cook. My boss is incredibly greedy, practically a Jew, and treats me like a piece of shit. He has a daughter who's an idiot too. You know those chicks who are fucking whales, but think that they're the shit? Yeah that's her. so i stay at work hopelessly daydreaming about being someone important in the world. I cook very good, so the place gets filled up most of the time, but i get paid a minimum wage by my boss, when I'm the one that practically gets the customers to come here. My artsy neighbor works here too, he's the cashier, but he's a total dumbass, so i only talk to him to piss him off. I go home after work, tired and dejected at the utter uselessness of my life, but smiling nonetheless at anybody who looks my way, to make them think I'm happy. I never Have any dates, obviously, so when i get home, I pretty much just go to sit down on the couch with my pet snail Gary, and watch TV wile eating a motherfucking krabby patty.

funniness: 8.62

rating: PG-13