carlos l.

It's exactly two days befor thanksgiving, and in a house lives a 4 year old boy, and his parents. one night the boy walks into his parents room, and there fighting. the mother says"you bastard!" and the father hollars"you bitch!" the kid says, what do those words mean? and the parents say"umm ladies and gentlemen" the next night there making love on the couch, and the kid walks it, and the mother says"your dick is delicious" and the father says"your tits are great" and the kid says"what do those words mean?" the parents say "ummm coats and jackets" so the next day is thanksgiving. and the mother is in the kitchen slicing the turkey and accidentally cuts her finger and yells"fuck!" the kid says"what does that mean?" she says "its what im doing to the turkey" - the kid then goes to the bathroom, and his dads shaving, and accidentally cuts himself and says"shit!" the kid says"what does that mean" the father replies"its the stuff on my face" -the door bell rings and the kid answers, and at the door is his aunt uncle grandmother, grandfather, ect. his entire family and the kid says...: Welcome bitchs and bastards! please hang up your tits and dicks! moms in the kitchen fucking a turking, and dad is upstairs wipping the shit off of his face!" when i first heard i laughed so hard and nearly pissed my pants! hope you enjoyed! =D

funniness: 7.98

rating: R