defenderoffunny s.

Hello, this isn't really a joke but I am very disturbed by the posts of cathy c. on the comments. I am here to warn that cathy c. uploads obscene photos and videos on the comment bars of many jokes especially the "don't give up" picture. What's really disturbing is that she didn't even hide the comment. If you are cathy c., may I remind you that children (including myself) are viewing this site. Please do not upload such obscenity and please remove all other obscene posts. This site is open to public and yes, children. You are a very, very inconsiderate person. Please, just stop and remove every obscene upload. To all others, please refrain from posting obscenity since this site is also for children. I am posting here because I care about this site. I will simply not just stand by while such obscenity is posted. Also, if you can, stop the menace that is cathy c. and her obscenity. If you truly care about this site, please vote on this "joke" so this may be visible to everyone (especially children). Do what ever you can to stop this matter and cathy c., you are truly horrible. REMOVE ALL OBSCENITY FROM THIS SITE!!!

funniness: 8.26

rating: G