John L.

North Pole Update December 1, 2009 Here at the North Pole we have a lot of Thanksgivings turkey left over. We?re figuring out what to do with it. The last couple of years have been hard on the raindeers. We lost three reindeers during the last year or so. Their names are now on the raindeer memorial wall. Also there is a raindeer flu outbreak here. And the raindeer are moving a little slow nowdays. We?re looking for replacements. Of course we know it?s ridiculous to paint black cats brown. Cause they still can?t pull a sled. They can?t even get it off the ground. But we were all disappointed to find out turkeys don?t know how to fly. That?s how we lost one of the reindeers. Have no fear we have the best minds working on the situation. By Christmas Eve it will be solved.