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*True Story*My bf and i have a great relationship because were always joking around and trying to out do each others pranks. He had just gotten a job working as a cashier at the local grocery store so we hardly spent anytime together on top of that while we were on the phone all he did was complain about work for 3 hours and then say he was sleepy with no regards to how my day was. This pissed my off so i decided to get him back. I went to the store he worked at and found every feminine product i could find tampons,maxi pads, scented wipes,douches, you name it. I know how he hates touching those things so i made sure i got in his line. He was soooo furious ringing this stuff up more so because he knew i was doing it on purpose.I had to turn away to keep from laughing. Then all of a sudden his voice comes over the loud speaker and annouces' Price Cheak On line 3 Excuse Me can Any available Manager Tell this young lady if she can use a coupon for Yeast Infection gel if she's purchasing Vaginal Fugus Cream made by the same company and same price" He said it with the most serious face.Everyone in the store turned and looked at me and then went into a roar of laughter... I wanted to die...2 diamond rings,4 dozen roses,13 dinner dates and 4 i'm sorry cards later and i'm still not showing my face back in that store

funniness: 9.47

rating: PG-13