Rob O.

So Little Johnny and his grandfather go fishing one summer day. They get to the lake early, and after an hour or so, Johnny's grandfather pulls out a Cuban cigar and begins smoking it. Johnny watches in fascination for a moment before asking, "Grampa what's that?" "Why Johnny, that's a cigar. Men smoke cigars." "Well, can I try it?" Grandpa thought for a moment, then replied "I don't know Johnny, can you touch your dick to your asshole?" "Why no Grandpa". "Then you're not a man, so you can't smoke a cigar." They continued fishing for awhile, and shortly thereafter, Grandpa reaches into his cooler and grabs a beer. He pops the top, and takes a long swig, only to hear Johnny ask, "What's that Grandpa?" "This is a beer, Johnny," he replied. "Men drink beer." "Can I try it?" "Well, Johnny, can you touch your dick to your asshole?" Johnny sighed, "Of course not grandpa." "Then you're not a man, and you cannot have beer." Not long after that, Johnny gets hungry, and reaches into his cooler and pulls out a ginormous sub. He heartily takes a bite. "Well now, Johnny, what you got there?" Grandpa asked. "A sub sammich". "Can I have some of that?" Johnny chewed in silence for a minute and then asked, "Well grandpa, can you touch your dick to your asshole?" Ever the smart one, Grandpa replied, "Of course I can Johnny, I'm a man!!" Johnny then smirked and said, "Then you can go fuck yourself, Gramma made this for me!!"

funniness: 9.50

rating: PG-13