gilliam d.

The passengers of an airplane are in tha plane on their seats, waiting for the pilots to arrive. Then two men in pilot uniform come out of the staff room walking to the front. One is tapping a white stick in front of him and the other has a dog on a leach, both are wearing black sunglasses. Slightly nervous the passengers laugh a little and talk a bit about that "joke" when the two pilots are entering the the cabin. The plane starts to taxi over the runway, it starts going towards the end of the runway. The plane is starting to accelerate, the frequent flyers start to realyze that they are lifting up realy late!... The plane is now going way to fast towards a small lake at the end of the runway, people start realizing that the plane is not gonna make it in time! People start screaming in panic! Then all of a sudden the plane starts to slightly lift up from the ground and eventually lifts up and flys away. The passengers, still a bit shocked, are still talking about the "joke", and after ten minits the whole thing is forgotten. Meanwhille in the flightcabin one of the pilots is searching the control pannel with his hand, finds the automated pilot, and switches it on. The pilot says against the co-pilot: "you know what frightens me?" co-pilot: "no" pilot: "that sooner or later the passengers are gonna start screaming to late, and then whe are all screwed!"