Rebekah R.

John and Rachel were married for 5 years. When John and Rachel first started dating Rachel kept a private sketchpad because she loved to draw. John got curious and looked at her sketchpad one day. He found steamy pictures of him and her and got a little flustered. She kept this sketch pad throughout their whole marriage and added on to it. He vowed to never look through it again. But curiosity got the best of him. When she went out to get her hair done he went upstairs to the drawer she kept it in. He flipped through it amazed at what he saw. Steamy pictures, old love letters, and his old bead bracelet. He flipped to the pictures she made while they were dating and found one with her kissing Johny Depp and John had a sword thrust through his body. He was shocked. At the top it said "I KNOW. IF YOU EVER LOOK THROUGH THIS AGAIN MAY GOD HELP YOU." He became even more scared when the lights turned on and she stood at the doorway...Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn.