emma w.

Rules for Tim: 1: Get a haircut. 2: My friends come first. 3: Pay for my food and take me out frequently. 4: Talk to my parents. and enjoy it. stop cringing. 5: You get in my pants only after the wedding. You accept that and don?t get upset. 6: You don?t text other girls even if you?re just friends without my permission. 7: You give me myspace / facebook passwords. 8: I?m your number one always. If your best friend is dying he can wait. I've had a bad day. 9: I'm always PMSing. Deal. And with a smile. 10: Accept that I need girls night without contact with you. You spend it buying me things. 11:Boys nights are unimportant. Same with Sasha. And if you want to keep that damn guitar, you will rename your it. 12: All musical instruments and talents will be used writing love songs to me. 13: When a girl hits on you, you will pull out a pic of me and talk me up. 14: Never get mad at me for no reason, but if im mad, your one concern is to make me happy. 15. I want a promise ring. but it doesnt mean you're gettin in my pants, it's just a way fot you to show your devotion and faithfulness to me (while also giving me a rock). 16: When I state my opinon you accept it as fact. 17: Get those pictures out of your wallet. 18: And while you're at it, the ones off your wall too. 19:When I'm bitching, don't just smile and nod, you sympathize 20: Go shopping with me, even if you think the stores are too ''conformist'' for your taste. 21:Always take my side, even when the fight's with you.