paul r.

A guy goes up to the steps of another guys house and knocks on the door. A farmer answers the door and asks him whats the matter. The stranger says that he needs a place to stay for awhile. The farmer allows him to stay on one condition he does'nt touch his daughter. The stranger walks in and sits down at the dinner table to eat. He can't stop starring at the daughter. At night he sneeks into her room and they have sex all night. The guy wakes up in the morning and see's a rock on his chest. It said torcher test #1: Rock on chest He threw the rock and as he lets go of it ha see's another thing that say's: Torcher test #2: left testicle tied to rock. He jumps out the window to save his testicle and as he falls he see's another thing on the rock that says: Torcher test #3: right testicle tied to bed post!!!