Arron C.

An older woman goes to see her doctor about the wrinkles on her face. The doctor tells her, they have a new experimental surgery that will get ride of all he wrinkles and make her look 20 years old again. The woman agrees and the doctor goes along with the surgery. The surgery consists of the doctor instaling a large screw in the back of the womens head that can be turned to tighten up the skin on her face. The doctor gives her a couple of turns and all of her wrinkles are gone. The woman goes home more than happy. A couple weeks goes by the the wrinkles return. Irritated the woman calls up the doctor and asks for his suggestions. The doctor tells her to give the screw a couple turns and all of her wrinkles should dissappear again. The woman does and her wrinkles dissappear but they keep coming back. Soon she is turning the thing a couple times a day. The wrinkles return at least five times a day now and the woman starts to become frustrated and on top of it all she starts to grow a mustache. She goes to the doctor and tells her how many times a day she has to turn her screw to make her wrinkles dissappear and about the hair on her lip. The doctor says mama that hair is you're taint.