kevin s.

A man worked at a paper clip company and he had to go to a paperclip convention in New York. The man ad to be on time to the convention or else he would be fired. The man went to a train station and boarded a MARC train. The train started to go, but had to stop because someone had vandalized the tracks. Because of the delay, the man missed the convention and he got fired. The man became so enraged at the MARC train company that he started to vandalize the train company itself. For the next 5 years the man went to all of the MARC trains he could get and would drive them off cliffs, or over bridges. Finaly the police caught him and he went to court. He was found guilty and was put to death in the electric chair. The day came of his execution and so they straped him into the chair. They then went out of the room and turned on the electricity. The electricity was so strong that it made the whole room smoke up. The executioner then turned off the electricity and went back into the room and saw that the man was still alive. He was amazed, and asked the man "how did you live?" The man replyed, "Well, for the past 5 years i drove trains off of cliffs, and crashed them." The executioner then said, "Yes, but what does that have to do with it?" The man then said "can't you see??? im not a very good conductor."