Ash C.

Originality, something that has decreased over time. I'm getting tired of reading something that was already posted over and over again. Just because you changed the words, names, or order of events in a joke doesn't make it your own joke. And please don't post yo momma jokes or the like that only contain one joke. It's a waste of the readers time, because, chances are, we have already heard it. No matter how funny you think your joke is, don't ask for votes. It's demeaning. It makes it seem like you think we don't know what to do. If we think your joke is good, we will vote accordingly. Very few jokes are good enough to receive an 8+ score. And those that do are then changed and repeated. Excessive profanity does not enhance the quality of a joke. Saying "Fuck, damn, shit, or ass" every other word is dumb. You may find profanity funny, but some people may not. And for Heaven's sake, use proper grammar. Incorrect grammar makes a joke hard to understand. I'm only 16 years old, and I have better grammar than most of you out there. Start acting like you graduated from high school, and if you didn't, then you shouldn't be online. You should be out working at your under-paying job that you have because you are a high school drop-out. Please consider what has been said, so that you will not look like a moron that ripped off someone else's work because you do not possess enough originality to think of a joke yourself. Bitch just check your Grammar. Don't go telling people to learn grammar when you can't even double check yours. Enjoy your day " or the like that only contain one joke."