tatiana w.

Gary was sitting at his desk thinking about what he wanted to do for his vacation. He decided to head down to Vegas and try his hand at the black jack tables. The first night he won BIG. Gary was so excited that he decided he was going to find the hottest hooker in town and get a hand job. After searching for a bit he saw the hooker, tall, blonde, and beautiful, the hooker was everything Gary had ever wished for in a sex partner. He strode right up the the hooker and stated his wish. Gary wanted a hand job after asking how much Gary was SHOCKED! to say the least. "five grand for a hand job?!" "Now, i know it seems like a but much." The hooker replied "But, i give the best hand job in the world. See this watch?" the hooker rolls up their sleeve and shows Gary a fifteen carot gold Rolex, dripping in diamonds. "i bought this watch with my hand job money, i give the best hand job in the world. If you aren't satisfied, i will refund you for the full price." After thinking about it for a moment, Gary agreed, after all he had won a very large sum of money that night. The two went into the hotel across the street. And let's just say, after wards, There was absolutely no refund. The next day Gary won, AGAIN! He one twice as much as he had the night before and was ready to spend it all, on the same hooker. He searches for the hooker at the same place and finds her just finished with another customer. Gary strides over to the happy man and asks for a recommendation. "Well," says the man,"I just got done receiving the best blow job of my life..." "i saw GOD." He whispers quietly. So Gary strolls over to the hooker and requests a blow job. "Fifteen thousand," the hooker replies without missing a beat."Now, i know that that seems a bit much, but i promise that you will be in the most pleasure of your entire life. See that Porsche over there?" Gary had actually been admiring it earlier, truly a thing of beauty, diamond spinners, big screen in back(how they fit a big screen in the back of a Porsche was any ones guess). Tricked out to all hell, the thing must have cost a few hundred grand. "well, i bought that Porsche last week with my blow job money, i guarantee satisfaction with every service." Gary thought a moment and agreed after all, what did he really have to loose. After leaving the same hotel for the second night in a row, Gary was a very happy man. He did indeed see God. Gary went out the next day and won again, although he didn't win as big as the other night's he still had money left over and figured he was up for some sex. After finding the same hooker he was ready. "How much for sex?" The hooker said nothing only smiled and pointed across the street to the hotel they had been at for the past two nights. The hotel was nothing fancy but looked like it would cost a pretty penny to own, in the range of three million dollars. Gary was extatic. "You bought that hotel with your sex money?!" "Omg this is going top be the best night of my...." The hooker quickly interrupted him. "I was actually pointing the the hooker across the street, I would certainly be able to afford that hotel with my sex money. If i had a vagina."

rating: R