Andre T.

One day, a group of friends went golfing. They were having a great time, when a new guy comes onto the course. "Hey, I've never seen you here before." said Bob "I'm new here and I just came to golf." answered the new guy. After a while, the group had made friends with this new person and they were all getting along fine. "So, what do you do for a living?" asked Bob. The new guy was a little hesitant, but he finally answered "I'm a hitman." "No way." replied Bob. "I really am, come to my car and take a look at my equipment." So the group goes to the hitman's car and they find several guns and ammunitions. Bob takes a sniper rifle and starts looking through the scope. "Wow! This is awesome! I can even see my house from here!" said Bob. "Wait a minute! My wife is sleeping with my neighbor!" Then, the hitman answers, "I can help you if you want. Because I like you, I'll only charge you $1000 per bullet." Bob, happily replies,"Ok, but I only want you to shoot my wife's mouth so she can't talk anymore, and then I want you to shoot my neighbor's dick off so he can't mess with my wife." The hitman takes the sniper rifle and looks through the scope for about ten minutes. "What are you waiting for? Just shoot them!" yells Bob "Hold on, I think I can save you $1000."