Rob T.

One day a depressed looking man walks into a bar, sits down, puts a paper bag on the table, and asks for a drink. As the bartender proceeds to make the man's drink he notices the bag move a little, but he ignors it and continues making the drink. As the bartender hands the man his drink his sees the bag move again. He then say to the man, im sorry but i just have to ask...what do you have in that bag? the man says i'll show you and reaches into the bag. First he pulls out a very small piano and places it on the table, then he reaches in again and pulls out a very small bench and places it in front of the piano. he then reaches in a third time and pulls out a little man who stood about 1 foot tall and places him on the table. the little man walks up to piano, sits down and starts playing the most beautiful music the bartender had ever heard. the bartender says to the man, thats incredible, were did you get him? the man again reaches into his bag again and pulls out a magic lamp, and puts it on the table. the bartender says, Is that real? can I use it??? the man says yea, sure. the bartender rubs the lamp and beautiful genie came out. the genie said to the bartender, I will give you only one wish, whatever you want. the bartender said, ok I want 100 million bucks! the genie says alright your wish has been granted, and then she dissapeared back into the bottle. all of a sudden a duck pops up, then another, and another, soon the bar starts quickly filling up with ducks. the bartender tells the man, i think your genie is a little deaf, i said i wanted a 100 million Bucks, not Ducks! the man said yes, I know, do you really think that I wanted a 12 inch Pianists!!!

funniness: 7.45

rating: PG-13