lochard d.

A little old lady was walking down the road with two bags in her hands, when suddenly a 20 dollar note flies out of her bag, a policeman walking just behind her picks it up to give it back to her. "Excuse me ma'am but you dropped $20" said the cop. "Oh thank you," she said," could you just put it into my bag for me please?" "Sure" said the cop as he reached out to the bag, but as he did he noticed that the bag was full of $20 notes. "How on earth did you come about all this money?" he asked. "well you see I live right next Football Park" she explained " and went the clock hits half time, a lot of the men are to lazy to get up and use the bathroom and poke through the cracks in my fence and pee. So I go over with my garden clippers and say 'give me $20 or I'll cut it off'" "Wow!" says the cop" so you've got two whole bags of $20 notes from this?" "no" she replys. "then whats in the other bag then?" he asks "not everybody pays" says the old lady as she continued on her way.