Jack R.

The new kid makes his debut to Alburns primary school,walking in his classroom,Year 3,He took the only empty seat right at the back in the top left corner. "Miss Treacher! theres some bubble gum under my table" Shouts out the new kid, Now,the new kid was only 7 and didn't understand alot,and Miss Treacher knew that,so she decided to let off the new kid and let him off easily for disturbing the class. "Now,I know your new,but please do not disturb my class during a important lesson,Ah! anyway children,playtime! remember to play nicely and share any items,move along!" The children ran as fast as they could into the playground,the Year 3 bully walks over to the new kid,the Year 3 bully was selfish and had spots all over his face,he was a little bit fat too... "Hey,new kid,I see you found my bubble gum,Nobody mentions the bubble gum! that bubble gum has been under that desk for 4 months,and hasn't been touched since! come on,lets have a fight,wanna piece of me?" The bully gets all ready for a fight,the new kid has no fear in bullies, "I want the whole thing bitch" the fight starts,rumbles,smacks,kicks and punches "Is that the best you got? whats next your gonna belly flop me?" said the new kid,the bully knows he couldn't think of a better insult,so ends the fight with a plan, "Yeah sorry,I forgotten what we where fighting for" finnaly,the bully explains the plan to himself,Fake a name,and wait.... "Sorry again,lets start over,My name youra" the new kid thought "What a weird name! I wonder what his surname is..." so he asks the bully what his *FAKE* surname is... "Fag, my name is Youra Fag" The new kid finnaly found out his surname,and then gets called by Miss Treacher, "Get in class right now! I will not allow such bad behavour! fighting! thats not right,who was you fighting with?" The new kid remembers the name totally, "Youra, Youra Fag"