Coenie O.

A store manager was monitoring the store from the security cameras and saw an old lady, poking around the fresh vegetable section with her cane. Lettuce and tomatoes were cascading everywhere. He went over to see if he could help before she ruined his stock. "Good morning madam. Can I help you?" he asked "Yes my boy. I am looking for broccoli." "Unfortunately madam we are out of broccoli. We have a delivery comming in soon and if you leave your number with a teller we will call you when it comes in." She thanked him and he went to the security monitors again. Just as he got there he saw the same lady poking her cane in the frozen food section. He went on over again. "How can I help you madam?" "I am looking for frozen broccoli." "Like I told you before madam we are totally out of broccoli. If you leave your number with a teller we will call you when some comes in." Again she thanked him and he left. He had not reached the monitors when he heard an aweful crash. He rushed over just to find the old lady poking her stick around the canned section with cannes rolling everywhere around her. "Can I help you madam?" he asked. "I am looking for canned broccoli" "Madam, can you spell?" he asked. "Of course I can spell" "Can you spel cat as in catastrophic?" "C-A-T" she replied. "Can you spell dog as in dogmatic?" "D-O-G" she spelled "Can you spell fuck as in broccoli?" She said: "There's no fuck in broccoli" "THAT'S WHAT I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO TELL YOU, YOU OLD BITCH!"