Virgil M.

A guy decided to stop by at a bar after work one day. He sat down next to a man that had just ordered 19 shots. The guy decided to show him up, so he ordered 20 shots and drank them all. The next day he went to the bar and the man next to him ordered 20 shots, so he ordered 21, drank them all and left. The next day the man walked in and sat down, and the man next to him ordered 21 shots. "Well? Aren't you gonna order 22 shots?" the bartender asked. "No man. I was up all night blowen chunks." The man answered. "Oh..well thats undestandable, you did drink a lot of alcohol." "No, you don't understand", the man argue--"Chunks is my dog."

funniness: 5.18

rating: R